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Marjane Ambler

Yellowstone Has Teeth
ISBN 978-1-60639-063-4

Yellowstone Has Teeth, a memoir of living year-round in the world’s first national park. In the 1980s, Marjane Ambler and her husband lived year-round inside Yellowstone National Park. The beauty was magnificent, but Ambler discovered that Yellowstone “had teeth.” The book chronicles the stories of her small community of park employees and spouses and how they responded to living in such an unforgiving place.

Patricia A. Campbell

Deadwood In My Blood
ISBN: 978-0692776094
After locating family photographs in an old barn, Boone May’s historian provides a detailed family history narrative on one of the most mysterious lawmen in early Deadwood history: U.S. Deputy Marshal May was undoubtedly the most active shotgun messenger employed by the Black Hill’s Stage and Express Company. His life and legend are explored using previously undisclosed family documents and reminiscences as well as other primary sources. He was a Deadwood trailblazer and the protector of Wyoming’s famous Robbers’ Roost Station.

Art Elser

A Death at Tollgate Creek
ISBN- 978-0-9984554-0-2
A Death at Tollgate Creek sings not only of the beauty of the prairie’s vast open spaces, its forever skies, its tawny sea of grasses, its graceful critters, but also of the struggles of man and animal to survive in its harsh and unforgiving environment. The poems tell of the fate of the Cheyenne, the buffalo herds, and the early settlers. 

Lynn G. Carlson, Editor

Watch My Rising: A Recovery Anthology
ISBN: 9780997794410
“You have seen my descent. / Now watch my rising.” – Rumi
And rise we have, as chronicled in these 37 stories and poems, each celebrating recovery from addiction. Proceeds from the sale of this anthology benefit programs and services offered by Recover Wyoming.

Julianne Couch

The Small Town Midwest: Resilience & Hope in the 21st Century
ISBN 978-60938-405-0
Most people in the United States live in urban areas, still, there are nearly 50 million people living in small towns of just a few thousand people. Julianne Couch visited and wrote about small towns in Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa to illuminate the lives and hopes of these small-town residents.

Steve Gardiner, C0-author

Highpointing for Tibet
ISBN: 9781947427075
John Jancik wanted The 50 for Tibet project to spend a year climbing state highpoints to raise money for The Rowell Fund for Tibet.  That was eleven years ago.  The project extended to international highpoints, raised significant money, and increased awareness of human rights violations in Chinese-occupied Tibet.  The 50 for Tibet group experienced planning and dreaming, hope and joy, fear and sadness.  Highpointing for Tibet: A Journey Supporting The Rowell Fund takes the reader across the United States and beyond the borders to Ecuador, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Australia, Spain, and more as Team highPoint chases adventure in support of The Rowell Fund for Tibet.

Betty Jean Pearson

A Priceless Gift
ISBN: 9781453867952
A Priceless Gift features Steven Harlan, a puppy raiser, who shares his experiences with Carmine, a yellow lab. A puppy raiser spends 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a puppy and up to 22 months to complete a puppy’s basic training. After training, then the puppy gets specialized training before getting matched with an individual with a disability. As a service dog, Carmine helped bring independence to me, which is truly a Priceless Gift.

Carmine Moves On
ISBN: 9781466411647
Carmine Moves On (a sequel to A Priceless Gift) is about leaving training with Steven Harlan, her training at Kansas Specialty Dog Service (KSDS), and our training classes together to become certified as a KSDS Assistance Dog Team.

Frederick H. Savage

Black Indian – Red Heart (White Justice)
ISBN: 978-1610091862
Black Indian – Red Heart (White Justice) is a story set in the Civil War era that takes the issues of slavery and injustice head on. The main character, Colton Sage, is the son of a runaway slave and an Indian woman. He is born free into a world of unending prejudice and bias. He grows up to become one of the most notorious Indian outlaws in the land, the infamous “Black Bat from Hell.” This is a no holds barred account of the events that led up to the Indian war of 1862 and the largest mass execution in US history.

Abbie Johnson Taylor

My Ideal Partner
ISBN: 1535028971
My Ideal Partner is a memoir about how I met, married, and cared for my late husband for six years after he suffered two strokes that paralyzed his left side.

Alethea Williams

Náápiikoan Winter
ISBN: 978-1532710568
At the turn of a new century, changes unimagined are about to unfold. When white traders approach the Piikáni for the first time, no one can reckon the price that will be paid. Changes unimagined are about to unfold. walls-of-the-wind

Walls for the Wind
ISBN: 978-1532824913
Raised according to strict moral tenets, 22-year-old Kit Calhoun’s 
rigid ideas of decency are stretched to the limit when she finds herself in charge of four New York City orphans in the very heart of rip-roaring Hell on Wheels.
 Willow Vale
ISBN: 978-1519763952
Set in the final homesteader days of Wyoming, Willow Vale is the story of two strangers struggling with their own past who slowly begin to hope that they can meld their lives together into a new family.