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An amazing time, filled with fellowship, encouragement, knowledge, and fun — that sums up the 2016 Wyoming Writers, Inc. Conference. We learned so much about not only the craft but also the passion for writing thanks to our incredible presenters. 
Photos were provided by a variety of WW, Inc. members, including Carol Deering, Echo Kalproth, Chris Valentine, and Jill Miller. Thank you to everyone who shared their photos of the conference!

WY Arts Grant

2016 Conference a Success!

Tom Spence
for the Board of Directors of Wyoming Writers, Inc.

Harbinger of Summer43rd Conference

When I was a kid, I started looking forward to summer vacation as soon as soon as the Valentine’s Day rejection by my secret sweetheart started to heal.  Summertime—fishing, swimming in the ditch, green crabapple fights, short bicycle excursions on my trusty Roadmaster which always got me home for supper..  These days I look forward to the harbinger of summer—Wyoming Writers, Inc.’s Conference, traditionally on the first weekend in June.  And, we did it again, folks!

Smarty Smarty Had a Party…

Congratulations to all who participated in any way, particularly those who submitted to the contest and then attended the conference.  It’s no fun having a party when nobody comes.  Registration was up 30% from last year!

Echo Klaproth was the dynamo chairperson, feet on the ground in Riverton, getting the maximum from the helpful staff at the Wind River Hotel and Casino and her own committee, Westword Writers.  We blitzed her with last minute details and she got up off the floor swinging—“Bring it on, bozos!” was her response.  Great job! 

VP, Chris Ellsworth (our President for the coming year)     rounded up a remarkable faculty of presenters, editors, and agents from whom he extracted great
duty for   modest fees.  He ain’t a “horse whisperer” fer nothing.’

Margaret Smith-Braniff went far afield to find the best judges and moved the contest along to conclusion, contacting winners, arranging awards, etc.  She has also been the Secretary for the Board for the last year. (If you want to know who sighed or silently rolled his or her eyes at one of my suggestions during a conference call, you may refer to her minutes.)  That job will fall on Jocelyn Moore during the next fiscal year.

Past President, Chris Williams, organized everything from registration and membership to critique tables, and wrote those essential grant applications. (Holy Simolians—did she succeed well in that!) 

Board members, Jocelyn Moore and Marjane Ambler, backfilled on promotional tasks, board nominations, support, and fund-raising.  They are part of a committee (headed up by new VP, Cindy Jackelen) which is already trolling, turning over rocks, shaking out old gunny sacks, poking in hollow logs for suggestions and ideas (themes, presenters) for next year’s program. 

Board member, Abbie Taylor, kept up the Writing Opportunities Column in the newsletter, and availed us of her experience as former President of WyoPoets.  She is capable of cutting to the chase and getting past the flak.

Pepper Williams did great work on promotions from her desk at KBBS in Buffalo.  Mike Carlson awarded scholarships and service awards with fairness and aplomb.

New Board member, Keri DeDeo is poised to step in for the relay run toward next year’s conference.

I, myself, stuck my finger in here and there.

And, our Administrative Assistant, Susan Mark, prostrated herself on the altar of excellence in promoting the conference from our website, through the newsletter, the conference brochure, and social media.

* * * * *

More than once my sister pushed me into that early summer irrigation ditch filled with the Rockies’ snow melt—once you’re in the water, it’s not half as bad as you imagined.  Get involved!  That’s how the fun begins! 

Thank you to all of our presenters and volunteers for making the event such a success!

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to our 2016 conference sponsors!

The Wyoming Writers Inc. 42nd Annual Conference was made possible through the support of our conference sponsors, which include theWyoming Arts Council, Wind River Hotel and Casino, Wind River Visitors Council, and the Homer A. & Mildred S. Scott Foundation

LEARN MORE about our 2016 sponsors.