About Us

Organizational History

Wyoming Writers, Inc. (WW, Inc.) began in 1974 following a writing workshop, as a way to continue the conversation and create a community for writers in our wide-open, sparsely populated state. An annual conference quickly became a cornerstone of the group, a foundation from which isolated writers could build relationships to further their writing endeavors. The yearly meeting is augmented by our newsletter, website, and members-only e-list.

Friendships and professional partnerships formed over the years continue yet today, creating a solid framework benefiting all members, and displaying the support found throughout our membership.

A WW, Inc. membership is open to anyone for whom writing is important—those wishing to write (whether to publish or not), those who support writers, those who work for writers. We welcome beginners anxious to learn, and cherish our members who have achieved international success. Most of our members are somewhere in between, consistently writing, learning, and working the craft; WW, Inc. seeks to encourage all writers, no matter where they fall on the writing-life spectrum.

What began as a small, dedicated group of Wyoming writers has grown to include members from around the world. But the essence of our humble beginning remains: a love of the written word and a desire to do what Wyomingites do well—lend a helping hand when needed, celebrate our successes and milestones together, and shoulder up when we have trouble standing alone.

Wyoming Writers is a group of writers, for writers, by writers, and we invite you to join our conversation.

(WW, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.)