Peer Critique Table Participant Instructions


(Please fill out the evaluation sheet provided and place it in the Critique/Evaluation Box at the Registration Table.  REMEMBER: This is your organization; your ideas and thoughts matter!)

  1. Each peer critique table is scheduled for 1¾ to 2 hours. If eight (8) participants signed up, we should comfortably have 15 minutes for the reading and critique of each manuscript. Practice before you come to the table for a “read” that takes half your allotted time. And please have 8-10 copies of your manuscript so your peers might give you an honest, hand-written critique! 
  2. While you’re passing out the copies of your manuscript, BRIEFLY tell us who you are, where you’re from, and whether or not you belong to a writers group. Tell this group what you want from them: 1) a hard critique for something almost ready market; or 2) a brainstormer—“This is an early draft, where do you think it is going and what am I doing right/wrong to get it there?” Other than that, the rule is to “cut the crap and read … and pass the chocolate!” (This according to Bearlodge Writers!)
  3. Be considerate and respectful of the opinions of others, whether reading or offering critique. If you are critiquing, find something nice to say about the manuscript at hand. Is it well written? Does it tell an interesting story? Is it in good manuscript form? Did one character stand out above others? There is good in everything—teach yourself to find the good and make someone’s day!
  4. If other critique tables are close, please keep your voice down so as not to interfere with what’s being discussed by other participants.
  5. Make friends, make contacts. Consider a critique partnership with someone you’ve met at the table. Don’t belong to a writers critique group? Go home and start one! If you do belong to such a group, institute something you’ve learned here and let us know how it works for your group.
  6. Please answer and return the following Critique/Evaluation to the Critique/Evaluation Box at the Registration Table.

Critique Table Evaluation for Participants

  1. Did you encounter any problems or unpleasantness during this critique session? YES _______ NO _______  Tell us about problems:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1. Did your critique table experiences work well for you? YES ____   NO ____                                  Please give reason for your answer:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1. Should there be fewer people at the tables? _______ More? _______
  2. Should more time be allotted for these sessions? YES ______  NO ______
  3. Do you consider the Friday afternoon slot (which will allow two to two and one half hours at the beginning of a conference weekend) a good time to offer these critique tables?   YES _______ NO _______
  4. Would you prefer to have these critique sessions held after-hours? YES _____ NO _____
  1. Are there specific genres you’d like to see covered in such critique sessions? Would you like to have a session in proper manuscript preparation/self-critiquing added to the list of topics covered during these sessions? If so, let us know:

8. Do you feel Wyoming Writers, Inc. should continue to offer these critique tables during conferences? YES _______ NO _______

  1. Do you have ideas for improving the process to make it more helpful to our membership? YES _______   NO ______
  2. If so, please elaborate: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Do you think you might go home and: 1) start a group where you live; 2) use some of the ideas you’ve seen at work here today to make your group better; 3) keep in touch with one special friend you’ve made and form a critique partnership with that person.  If so, would you be willing to let us know what you plan to do? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Would you be willing to participate in a similar group in the future and be willing to provide your manuscript copy by e-mail to a specified, pre-registered group by a set date before that conference? YES ______ NO ______

If yes, please add contact information:

Name:  ____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________          Genre: ______________________________